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Leading in the development of high-load IT products and automation of processes with a focus on the Web 3.0 environment. A product-oriented approach for large businesses and public administration.


Avoid long project durations and high costs


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Avoid long project
durations and high costs

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Development of websites and online services

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Development of startups and MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

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Digitize business processes and business rules

Web 3.0

The latest technology that allows development and changes to the business environment based on two pillars - decentralization and democracy. It makes businesses adaptive to new realities and the needs of modern users. Web 3.0 and Blockchain – NFT, DAO, smart contracts are being integrated into standard web development today, ensuring a guaranteed increase in the security level of business processes.

Java EE

Modern programming for large enterprises - Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is a widely used platform that contains a set of interconnected technologies that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of developing, deploying, and managing multi-tier server applications. The Java EE platform is based on the Java SE platform and provides a set of API interfaces (application development interfaces) for developing and running portable, reliable, scalable, and secure server applications.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the rental of resources for data storage, applications, and other computing services on the Internet. Cloud solutions accelerate hypothesis testing and help businesses save on launching new products, high seasonal demand, and sales. Solutions from AWS by Amazon Web Services, Inc. and Microsoft Azure by Microsoft Corporation are used for peak loads, web service protection, site search, creating platforms for processing large amounts of data, testing MVP versions of products, as well as their further scaling and integration into the company's technological landscape.


SQL is a programming language designed to work with sets of facts and relationships between them. In relational database management programs, such as Microsoft Office Access, SQL is used to work with data. Unlike many programming languages, SQL is easily readable and understandable even for beginners. Popular areas of SQL usage include online stores, video platforms, marketing, and games.


WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin based on WordPress. It is designed for creating online stores of any complexity, even without web development skills. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) used for creating websites, stores, aggregators, and blogs. It has numerous plugins and themes that allow for extending functionality and modifying the appearance of the site. WordPress uses PHP language and MySQL database. WooCommerce, like WordPress, has become a leader in its category - ranked #1 in the global eCommerce market.


Data caching is a crucial process that affects the loading speed of your website for its visitors. Thanks to caching, the page is not recreated from scratch for each user, allowing for working with large amounts of data in the shortest possible time. As traffic increases, the load on the server grows, and one solution is to use memcached software. Memcached is a software that implements a data caching service in RAM based on a hash table. With the help of a client library (for C/C++, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, etc.), it allows caching data in the server's RAM.

Message Queuing

Message Queuing is a technology for exchanging electronic messages between applications and microservices, rather than people. It addresses challenges such as application scalability, increased fault tolerance, and resource-intensive task execution. It has many functional capabilities that are not available in other messaging services: guaranteed delivery, transaction support, acknowledgments, memory-based express mode and more.


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform developed in PHP, offering online stores and business owners a flexible shopping cart system, as well as full control over every aspect, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento provides a fairly extensive catalog of management, marketing, and search engine optimization tools, making it one of the best e-commerce platforms available today.


Wix is the most powerful website builder with a visual editor, used by over 96 million users worldwide. It offers a variety of technologies structured by categories. Velo and Editor X are serious tools for experienced developers who need to go beyond the standard engine capabilities. ADI is for those who don't want to dive into technical details but need a website.


The Tilda website builder allows you to create a website or online store without programming. The platform's creators have come up with a new way to make a website: it can be assembled from blocks. The platform offers the use of more than 400 blocks, each with its own settings that allow you to create a website with a unique design. Even without programming or design skills, it's difficult to make mistakes and the resulting site is beautiful and beneficial from day one.